One General Agency has the experience your insurance agency is looking for when it comes to your client’s garage insurance needs. Our underwriters can asisst your agency in placing this business with several competitive markets, with exceptional coverage to choose from.

Preferred Appetite


Used car dealers


Service/Repair operations for any type of motorized unit


Boat sales & service

Additional Target Classes

Accessories Sales

Bed Liner Installation

Car Wash (Full Service)

Frame Straightening

Emergency Vehicle Sales & Service

Bus Sales & Service (if incidental)

Engine Overhaul / Diesel Overhaul

Auto Pawn

Electric Car Sales

Contractors Equipment

Boat Sales & Service

Agricultural Equipment Sales & Service

Auto Brokers (Liability Only)

Auto Auctions

CNG Conversions

Body & Paint Shops

Car Alarm Installation

Antique / Classic Auto Dealers

Contractors Equipment Sales & Service

Brake Shops

Auto Parts Sales

Booting operations

Stereo Installation

Antique / Classic Auto Restoration

Detail Shop (including Mobile)

Hydraulic Repair

Gas Station with Full Service or Repair

Mopeds & Motorized Scooter Sales

Stand Alone Dealers Open Lot

Service Station (Gasoline, Full Service)

Golf Cart Sales & Service

Muffler Shops

Glass – Auto Shop (including Mobile)

Incidental Consignment Sales

Oil & Lube Shop (including Mobile)

Salvage Yards with Sales & Repair

Stand Alone Garagekeepers

Roadside Assistance

Mechanic Shops (including Mobile)

Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, ATV Sales & Service

Farming Equipment Sales & Service

Parking Lot or Structures (Public)

Semi-Trailer Sales & Service

Motorcycle Dealer

Horse Trailer Sales & Service

Mobility Equipment Sales & Installation (Cars & Vans)

Motor Home / RV Sales & Service

Repair Shops (Auto, Motorcycle, Trucks)

Trailer Dealers

Wholesale Auto Dealers

Structural Rebuilders (from Salvage Title)

Vehicle Safety & Smog Inspection Stations

Utility Vehicles Sales & Service (Farm or Commercial)

Suspension Work

Van Conversions

Trailer Hitch Sales & Service

Utility Trailer Sales & Service

Upholstery Shop

Window Tinting Shop

Tire Sales & Service Shop (including Mobile)

Wrecker Service / Tow Trucks

Tow Truck Operators

Valet Parking Service

Truck / Tractor Sales & Service

Used Car & Truck Dealers


Can you quote off acord applications?

No, we are not able to quote a dealer or service risk from accord applications as the acord does not provide adequate underwriting information to properly rate for this type of risk.

Can we get a phone quote?

We cannot quote any type of garage risks over the phone.

Do we have to list employees that do not drive?

Yes, garage liability requires we rate for all owners, partners and employees no matter what their job description or auto use will be. This includes contract drivers.

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