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Q:  What is a Wholesale Broker?
A:  An insurance wholesale brokerage firm is a company that acts as an intermediary between independent agents and insurance companies. Brokers use in-depth knowledge of risks and the insurance market to find and arrange suitable insurance policies for the independent agents on behalf of the agents’ clients, the general public.


Q:  How do I become contracted with OGA?
A:  Please complete a Prospective Agency Questionnaire found under the Apps & Forms - Become an Agent section of our website to be considered for an appointment. Submit the application by email to or by fax to 405.840.9388 for review. Once all information is received, we will contact you to discuss the possibility of a partnership. Please provide a copy of your agency license, E&O, W-9 and staff listing with the completed questionnaire. A Brokerage Contract signed by both parties is required upon appointment.


Q:  Where is OGA located?
A:  OGA is located in Oklahoma City off of NE 63rd Street between Broadway Extension and Kelley Avenue. Get directions 


Q:  Where can OGA write commercial lines business?
A:  OGA is licensed to write business in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.


Q:  How do I submit business to OGA? 
A:  Please send Acord applications to


Q:  Does OGA offer Online Rating? 
A:  Yes, please refer to the Online Rating section for eligible classes of business.


Q:  When is an application needed for a quote? 
A:  A signed and completed application is needed to offer a firm quote and bind coverage on all accounts. Company specific applications are provided in the Apps & Forms section of our website for your convenience.


Q:  What do I need to do to bind a quote?
A:  All requests to bind must be in writing to your underwriter. The requirements to bind may vary by carrier. All of the items needed to bind will be listed under the “Terms / Subject To” section of the quote.


Q:  Does OGA offer quick quotes? Can I get a firm quote and bind coverage from an Express Request?
A:  Express Requests are a quick and easy way for agents to request premium indications. Express Requests are short and simple web forms that can be completed on our website and submitted directly to an underwriter. These requests are intended for risks with lower exposures. Premium indications are considered firm as long as the information on the Acord and any supplemental applications matches the information submitted on the Express Request. A completed application and any required supplementals are required to bind.  


Q:  What do I need to send at renewal?
A:  Renewal requests are indicated on the renewal quote under "Terms / Subject To" and they are also listed on the binder. A written request to bind must be emailed or faxed.


Q:  How do I order loss runs on an account?
A:  To request loss runs, the binding agent on the account must send a written request including the named insured, policy number and effective date to Tanya Pennington at


Q:  Can agents issue Certificates of Insurance? 
A:  If you need OGA to issue a Certificate of Insurance, please send requests to


Q.  Who is my Commercial Underwriter? 
A.  Underwriter assignments are made by an alpha split by agency name (with a few exceptions). Risks flow to the SBU based on the SIC code. SBU classes primarily include the lower hazard, single classification risks. Please send all new submissions to and we will direct them to the appropriate underwriter from there.



Q:  Does OGA have an in-house premium finance arrangement?
A:  Yes, OGA partners with IFC for Agency Bill policies that do not have more than 25% Minimum Earned Premium. The agent must collect the down payment at binding and IFC will bill the insured monthly for the remaining 8 payments. Please contact Michelle Stull at 405.840.9393 or for finance agreements. 


Q:  How will the amount financed be applied to my agency account?
A:  A journal entry will be made to your monthly account current offsetting the amount due to OGA. The remaining balance can be paid when the policy is bound or with the monthly account current. This amount will NOT show up on the invoice you receive from OGA.


Q:  Can an additional premium endorsement be added to the finance agreement?
A:  Yes, send requests to Michelle Stull at and she will provide a form showing the additional down payment amount required. The form MUST be returned to OGA once it is signed by the insured or the additional premium will NOT be added to the finance agreement.


Q:  How can I make a payment to the finance company?
A:  IFC accepts credit card payments, phone payments and ACH payments. A small fee applies to phone and credit card payments. All down payments must be made by check, money order or cashier's check.


Q:  Does OGA accept credit card payments?
A:  No, OGA does not accept credit card payments at this time.


Q:  What are North Star Mutual's billing options on commercial business?
A:  All North Star policies are Direct Bill. Monthly and quarterly billing options are available.


Q:  If a North Star policy has been cancelled, can the insured make an payment online to get the policy reinstated?
A:  No, the insured must mail a check or money order to North Star referencing the policy number once their policy is in cancellation status. Online payments and agency account sweep are not accepted methods of payment once a policy is in cancellation status.



Q:  How do I report a loss?
A:  Send the appropriate Acord Loss Notice along with any pertinent information regarding the loss (police reports, fire reports, estimates, etc.) to OGA by fax at 405.840.9388 or 800.771.8116 or by email to Do NOT fax the loss notice directly to the insurance company or call the company direct; this will only delay the process. OGA's Claims Administrator, Tanya Pennington, will set up the file and forward the required documentation to the company.  Please include the agent’s name and email address with the claim to ensure that the confirmation is sent to the correct agency contact. Confirmation of the receipt of the loss will be sent to the contact provided. Contact information for the company and the adjuster will be provided in the confirmation for the agent to provide to the insured. At this point, both the agent and the insured may call the company or adjuster with any questions concerning the loss.

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