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Inland Marine Express Request

*Complete and submit the form below for an Express Premium Indication from OGA’s Small Business Unit

Fax: 405.840.9388 | 800.771.8116
Phone: 405.840.9393 | 800.299.1951

Agency Information
Applicant Information

Include 3 year loss history

Schedule of Property

*Note: To bind, make, model, and serial number are required.

Please list each item as:
Item | Manufacturer | Model Year | Description (serial # needed to bind) | Limit of Insurance | Deductible

Please Note

*Fully completed Acord applications and any applicable supplemental questionnaires are required prior to binding. Please note that the premium indication is subject to change upon receipt of the Acord and any required supplemental.

If needed, please include any comments or additional information here.

This question is for testing whether you are